Creating a platform originating in Japan and leveraged in global markets.


In recent years, smartphones have increasingly played a pivotal role in helping the world to leverage the power of the Internet.  At Colorful Tails, Inc., we aim to provide new experiences and valuable services to users all over the world with the power of the Internet.  We will continue creating opportunities that make more and more people happy, not only in the Japanese market, but also in the global markets.



About Us


Company Name Colorful Tails
Service Mobile App Development and Publishing
Publish 1st April 2020
Director Atsutomo Ito

30 Million JPY (15 Million JPY Capital Reserves Included)

Principle Shareholder: VECTOR Inc. Atsutomo Ito

Address 107-0052 Tokyo-to, Minato-ku,  Akasaka4-15-1, Akasaka Garden City 17F